the Spirit of Prophecy 1

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

All of Scripture is a supernatural life-giver. Yet, these words from the book of Revelation uttered by the angel to John, the Apostle near the end of his revelatory vision, are spoken to inspire, enlighten and empower. John fell at the feet of this being to worship him, but he was told to stand up and consider this angel as a fellow workman and servant of Jesus Christ; the Lamb of God who has taken away the sins of the world. John was told to spread this Word of truth and as he did it, the spirit of prophecy would rise up within him.
Many of us in the Church know little of prophecy. We are either unaware of its importance, afraid of its implications, uncomfortable with its manifestations or misinformed and poorly taught of its function in and through the Body of Christ.
We are incorrectly taught that it has ceased. Yet, the spirit of prophecy is considered the chief spiritual gift that guides the work of the Body (individually, locally, regionally and universally) in the works prepared in advance for it to do. Now, while I do not believe that there are to be any more prophetic scriptures written; I do believe in special revelation, for the individual, the Church and the world. These revelations come through those with the gift of prophecy, those who walk in the office of Prophet, and through the Holy Spirit as it speaks through the voice of the Body of Christ as it is moved in the Spirit, not only to accomplish the fruit bearing work of evangelism, but as it functions in its spiritual giftedness.
Without prophesy, I do not believe that other spiritual gifts can be walked in, manifested or fruitful. For prophecy is, in fact, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If prophecy has ceased, then so has the Gospel.

Aaron Bjork
April, 3, 2014

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